Spotlight on Chris Volpe

Have you ever wondered what makes Fox Wardrobes such a great place to work?

We grab Fox Wardrobes’ founder Chief Fun Fox, Chris Volpe, just between measures and meditation to get all the Foxy facts on the man behind the myth.

Chris, can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up?

I grew up in Ocean Shores just outside of Byron Bay and then relocated back to Sydney in Year 10 with my two brothers as they were already living in Sydney at the time.

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Shop local (and save the world)

We Aussies are known around the world for our fair-go attitudes, our relaxed way of life, and for the unwavering support we give to our local communities. We are all about quality over quantity, and commercial authenticity hugely impacts our shopping habits. There’s a pretty good reason why you don’t see many Starbucks surviving on the Aussie High Street. But this doesn’t all happen by accident. Here’s why it’s so important to think globally, but act locally to keep that Aussie individuality alive and kicking.

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