5 Critical points: An Honest comparison

When you’re considering purchasing a new wardrobe and you are trying to work out what type of doors you would like on your wardrobe whether its a sliding door wardrobe or a hinged door wardrobe you need to consider five critical factors!

Hinged Door Robes Vs Sliding Door Robes


  1. Size of the room
  2. Access into the wardrobe
  3. Finish of the doors and handle type
  4. Sex appeal!


Hinged door wardrobes are more than 20% more expensive than sliding door wardrobes for like for like door finishes. The reason for this is that Hinged door wardrobes take much longer to install because the installers need to spend a lot longer adjusting and fitting the doors. Also the maximum door width for a hinged door wardrobe is 600mm wide whereas sliding door wardrobes have a maximum door width of 1200mm wide this means that you generally need double the quantity of doors. So given the doors take much longer to fit and you need double the quantity of doors the labour cost increases significantly to make more doors and to fit more doors. As most companies in the industry including ourselves use a cost plus pricing method so raw materials, hardware, labour + profit margin then more labour means more cost!

Example a 2 metre long wardrobe with a ceiling height of 2.4m will cost approximately $1,705 (inc GST) designed, manufactured and installed with sliding laminate/melamine doors. Whereas its approximately $2,105 (inc GST) for laminate/melanine hinged doors with standard range Kethy handles which is about 20% more expensive.

Size of the room

Hinged door robes because the doors swing out need a big room to function. You shouldn’t put a hinged door wardrobe in a small room because it will make it difficult to access the wardrobe if you have a bed in the room.

Access into the wardrobe

Hinged Door Wardrobes are great for access. You can see everything inside the wardrobe and you can get access to all areas of the robe. Sliding door wardrobes on the other hand make it difficult to get full access because the doors overlap and need to be parked in front of an area of the wardrobe will accessing another area. Gosh so frustrating but so economical!!

Finish of the doors and handles

Sliding Door Robes can be from a range of glass like mirror, white glass, grey mirror, colour glass. We can print decals (images) onto our sliding door wardrobes! Hinged Door Wardrobe doors can’t be made from glass. However they can both be made from the other three of our five favourite door finishes being Laminated MDF from Polytec, Thermolaminate and also Polyurethane Painted MDF. (Read more)

Sliding door wardrobes can only have recessed fingerpull handles this is so that the doors can slide past each other. Hinged door wardrobes on the other hand can have a whole variety of handles knobs, lip pull, brass, copper, timber, black tones, blingy handles!   We love Kethy for all things handles however you can find an amazing range of handles out there. If you need handles Kethy is a good place to start https://www.kethy.com.au/flush-lip-pulls.

Sex appeal

Hinged doors look super sexy with all their neat lines!!! Whereas sliding doors are more functional and affordable.

Fox Wardrobes

So there are pros and cons for buying both sliding door wardrobes and hinged door wardrobes you might even go a little crazy and get a hinged door wardrobe in the master bedroom and sliders in the kids/spare rooms! They both have there place in the world but you just need to decide what suits you and your family best! Generally I recommend that if you have the money and the space then go hinged door robes because of the access and the sex appeal.

Sliding door wardrobes have exploded in popularity over time as houses are getting smaller and units and more prominent.


Chris Volpe aka Red Fox!