Introducing Fox Wardrobes & Cabinetry: Your Trusted Partner in Building Dream Homes

Are you a builder creating or renovating a home for your clients?

At Fox Wardrobes & Cabinetry we are here to help. We are a team of over 40 highly skilled tradesmen with fully qualified cabinet makers designing, making, installing and managing every project.

We care about your clients’ cabinetry as much as you do and we will make sure that the job is installed and completed in full, on time and on specification.

We’ve been building our business for over 12 years now and understand the challenges of running a business, managing priorities and delivering outstanding results for clients. We have a proven system to ensure you can rely on us and don’t just take our word for it, we have over 280 five star reviews online to confirm it.

Frustrated that your cabinetry tradesman doesn’t work to deadlines?

At Fox, we operate differently. As soon as your client commits to the project, we secure an install date. This ensures that you have a team allocated to your project and even if you need to adjust your build schedule we can accommodate changes through our allocated planning resource.

Our dedicated team manages a comprehensive plan, overseeing over 25 cabinetry fitouts for people’s homes each week. We don’t just promise dates; we meticulously manage them, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Our proven model has been honed over the past decade, constantly improving and adapting to exceed your expectations.

What sets us apart?

We take full control of the manufacturing process, crafting all our cabinetry in-house. This means we have complete oversight of quality and can maintain the highest standards throughout. Moreover, our team of in-house installers is committed to delivering outstanding workmanship and service, leaving no room for compromise.

Don’t want your clients to pay kitchen prices for wardrobes?

Although we may not be the cheapest supplier in Sydney, we also won’t try to be (especially if that means skimping on quality and service). We are however very competitive when it comes to the quality of our cabinetry and the attention to detail that we deliver.

We also provide our builder clients with a dedicated Sales Fox who will ensure your clients storage needs are fully understood and our cabinetry ticks all their boxes. Our Sales Foxes are all inhouse cabinet makers who worked with us in assembly and install before moving into sales. This makes them your ideal cabinetry designer as they know the trade and what you need. Not just doing flashy designs but thinking about functionality and the best outcome for your client.

Do you care about the environment and hope your suppliers do too?

At Fox, we are leading the cabinetry industry in sustainable wardrobe and cabinetry manufacturing. We run our factory off approx 90% solar energy and recycle over 40% of our waste product.

We led the movement to begin recycling particle board offcuts in Australia and now divert over 53 tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year just through this improvement alone.


Some of the builders we work with include

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