Great for any space

Light up any room with our modern sliding door wardrobes.

Available in a variety of styles, you can choose the perfect look to suit your space. Mirrored, laminate and white glass are just a few of the sleek looks to choose from.

Not only will these wardrobes brighten up any space, they’re durable, versatile and manufactured with quality in mind. Our mirrors are backed with a safety vinyl to ensure they are shatter proof and meet industry standards. These wardrobes are completely versatile – you can walk in, build in or reach in, perfect for anywhere in the home that needs a sleek storage solution.

Fox wardrobes are made from a durable aluminium front that protects the shelf and minimises any potential sag – so you can load them up. The unique design of the system combines aluminium frames and nylon wall brackets which locks the shelves firmly in place. We also build right to the floor, transferring any weight to safe guard your shelves and their contents.

sliding door wardrobe sliding door wardrobe