Team Fox

About Fox Wardrobes

Fox Wardrobes Creates Sustainable Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home and Improve Your Lifestyle

Fox Wardrobes is a family run business, born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The Fox family creates space for what you value, with beautiful, functional, and stylish wardrobes!

In addition to our modular and custom sustainable wardrobes in Sydney, we also offer a range of storage solutions for all over the home, including:

  • Home office spaces
  • Entertainment units
  • Under-stair storage
  • Custom shelving and bookshelves
  • Pantry storage
  • Garage storage solutions

What we offer

Here at Fox Wardrobes, we believe that living well requires space, so we offer well-designed storage solutions for your family.

When you choose Fox, you and your family will enjoy:

  • A more peaceful and organised home, free from clutter and mess
  • Sustainable wardrobe and storage solutions that make your day-to-day easier
  • Storage solutions and wardrobes in Sydney that create space for the items you value
  • Custom-made solutions that meet the exact needs of your family

Our History

To tell the Fox story, we need to go back a few years to its predecessor, and first share the story of Volpe Cabinetmaking.


Fox co-founder and qualified cabinet maker Vic started Volpe Cabinetmaking in 2010 – during the Global Financial Crisis – operating out of a storage shed.

With brilliant attention to detail, a focus on quality and customer service, and a passion for the environment, Vic’s business grew quickly. Operations soon moved to a factory, and before they knew it, they’d outgrown a single factory and taken over three more.

Local friends were brought into the business to cope with the rapid growth – friends who are still with the company today!


Four years later, Vic asked his brother Chris to step into the business, too, to assist with systems and business processes.

Chris’ background in business management and the combination of the two brothers’ skills reduced Vic’s overwhelming amount of work, without sacrificing product quality or exceptional customer service.

This amalgamation was the catalyst to launch the Fox Wardrobes brand, delivering to a specific niche in the market: wardrobes and storage solutions.

Pairing their individual cabinetry skill-sets with business systems and management, the Volpe brothers formed a powerful customer service base at the very heart of the business.

The brothers soon realised that bringing the two businesses together as one would provide much needed focus during the crazy years of COVID, reducing business risk, and aligning their team of approximately 40 at the time to one focus and one business system.


Volpe Cabinet Making and Fox Wardrobes joined forces in 2020 to become Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry.

The consolidation meant reducing the Volpe Cabinetmaking product line by discontinuing kitchen and vanity design and production and increasing the Fox Wardrobes product lines to include TV Units, Office fitouts, under-stair storage, entry storage and other storage solutions.

Over the last few years, the Fox Wardrobes brand has continued to grow, with a strong focus on people, training, workplace culture, and sustainability (including solar installation, LED lighting, and a comprehensive recycling and waste management program).


Today, the Fox brand thrives thanks to a highly-skilled group of individuals who have fun delivering superior cabinetry solutions to clients.

The Volpe brothers are enjoying their new team environment and are excited about the future of the business and its evolution.

One Team, One Vision, One Focus.

Fox Wardrobes Aims For Sustainable Storage Solutions

Our vision is to create a manufacturing business that is as sustainable as possible, in terms of minimising greenhouse gases, minimising waste going to landfills, choosing sustainable cabinet materials, and recycling waste or materials wherever possible.

Even our food scraps after lunch are being used as compost in our factory garden!

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • As of 2020, we are currently running the business from 96% solar power and hope to increase this to 100%
  • We send approximately 40% of our offcuts from our sustainable cabinet materials back to our trusted manufacturers to be repurposed and recycled into particleboards
  • We recycle 100% of our soft plastic and cardboard waste to be repurposed and reused, diverting these materials from landfill
  • We’ve replaced all our company lighting with energy-efficient LED globes

Our goal for 2030 and beyond is to find a solution to recycling MDF boards or otherwise use a different substrate that can be recycled safely. This is an industry-wide issue that sadly gets overlooked by a lot of manufacturing businesses.

On top of this, Fox Wardrobes also wants to find a cost-efficient substitute for our petrol/gas used to power our vehicle fleet.

We show up to work every day to achieve these missions. Stay tuned for progress updates on our sustainability mission!

Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry Lifestyle

Meet the Fox Wardrobes Team

At Fox, we believe that our success is entirely due to our talented team. Every person that works at Fox Wardrobes is an employee – we do not outsource contractors to complete any projects.

We are here for the long haul – there is a great African proverb we love that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We want to go far with pride and integrity. It’s more than just sustainable cabinets for us; we believe we are changing people’s lives one project at a time!

We love bringing to life cabinetry and wardrobe ideas that create space in our clients’ lives by helping them to become more organised in a chaotic and cluttered world, so that they can have more peace and joy in their lives.


Why Fox Wardrobes?

  • Your project will be manufactured and installed exactly as agreed, verbally and on paper
  • Fox Wardrobes proudly manufactures all of our custom and modular storage solutions locally in our factory in Warriewood, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney
  • Your project will be manufactured and installed exactly as agreed, verbally and on paper
  • All Fox’s employees (NO CONTRACTORS) are experienced cabinet makers who leave your home as clean and tidy as when they arrived – it’s our guarantee!
  • Get full wardrobe onsite design with an experienced wardrobe designers
  • We only use the best quality materials and hardware from REPUTABLE suppliers, such as Blum, Viridian, Polytec, and Hafele
  • We operate our manufacturing facilities off 94% solar energy and are very focused on sustainability and our impact on the environment
  • We recycle roughly 40% of our offcuts and are working with Polytec and our local council to increase this to 85%
  • We currently have a number of apprentices and are thrilled to be training the next generation of cabinet makers!
  • We closely comply with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, including engaging with a Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA) consultant to ensure we have the best safety policies and procedures in the market. We even brought in personal trainers to teach our team proper lifting techniques.
  • We offer obligation-free measures and quotes
  • We have a 10-year warranty on all wardrobe and cabinetry installations and componentry
  • We support the McGrath Foundation – by choosing Fox, you help to raise money to support families affected by breast cancer
Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry Factory

Look Out For The Fox!

Our cabinet makers in the Northern Beaches will be easy to spot coming down the street to your home!

We are passionate Foxes ready to create space in your life for what you value. Whether you are a Sassy Fox, a Surfie Fox, Family Fox or Baby Fox we have storage solutions which will have you feeling super organised and ready to tackle your day!

Contact us to Find Out More About Our Sustainable Wardrobes in Sydney

If you’re searching for wardrobes on the North Shore or wish to learn more about what Fox Wardrobes can offer you, give us a call or contact us online. Tell us a little about your space, what you envision, and the storage solution you’re interested in.