5 top design predictions for 2019

Considering a reno? Thinking about making a change but don’t know where to begin?

The custom design industry is notoriously fast-paced and it can be a tough job keeping up with the latest news. Check out these 5 design predictions for 2019 that will keep your space on-trend and effortlessly relevant for family living

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Ever wanted to find out how Foxy Fitters really spend their time? We get up close and personal with Senior Installer Dan Mckie (Big Fox) to find out exactly what goes on behind closed wardrobe doors…

Dan, we’re keen to find out a bit more about the man that fits Fox Wardrobes. Tell me a little bit about yourself growing up.

I grew up here on the Northern Beaches in Cromer and actually went to Primary School with Vic and Chris (Volpe)! We moved to Warriewood, then I left school at 16 to do my cabinet-making apprenticeship.

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Shop local (and save the world)

We Aussies are known around the world for our fair-go attitudes, our relaxed way of life, and for the unwavering support we give to our local communities. We are all about quality over quantity, and commercial authenticity hugely impacts our shopping habits. There’s a pretty good reason why you don’t see many Starbucks surviving on the Aussie High Street. But this doesn’t all happen by accident. Here’s why it’s so important to think globally, but act locally to keep that Aussie individuality alive and kicking.

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5 ways to access everything you need, right when you need it!

Spring is in the air, the beaches are filling fast, it’s time to switch out heaters for fans and dig out those thongs. Or is it? Forget Melbourne, Sydney weather is right up there when it comes to unpredictability. Just when you think you’re home and dry, everything changes and you’re back hunting out those hoodies and boots.

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5 Best Wardrobe Finishes

Consider these when purchasing your sliding door wardrobe

When someone is considering the purchase of sliding doors for wardrobes to update their existing wardrobe or they are buying a new wardrobe there are many options out there to choose from. And although each option has its pros and cons this article will discuss our faviourite 5 and their benefits.

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Wardrobe Styles

Hinged Door Robes Vs Sliding Door Robes

5 Critical points: An Honest comparison

When you’re considering purchasing a new wardrobe and you are trying to work out what type of doors you would like on your wardrobe whether its a sliding door wardrobe or a hinged door wardrobe you need to consider five critical factors!

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