Jostling for conversational space alongside Trump, Brexit and the latest Sea Eagles score-line, the great wardrobe debate continues to rage at any half-decent dinner party. Wardrobes: To fit, or not to fit?
If you’re thinking of planning a new home for your clothes and shoes any time soon and can’t decide the best way to give them the quality wardrobe surrounds they truly deserve, stay put. This is the article you have been waiting for.

Mind the gap

Not every house has the perfect shaped space for a standard wardrobe and this is where fitted units very much come in to play. Avoid left-over spacing by choosing bespoke wardrobes where any available room space can be incorporated – including those traditionally awkward spaces and L-shaped areas. This also avoids any visible gaps above and to the sides of units – a hazard of the non-fitted variety – which visually improves the entire space. The result is a pleasing and sleek finish that lifts the overall look and quality of the whole room.

Bespoke storage

By customising your wardrobes to fit, you get to decide the where, the how and the what – as well as making good use of difficult spaces. Planning out the available area intelligently means that frustrations around the external and internal designs – that are often the case with freestanding models – can be completely avoided. Bespoke furniture is ideal for balancing out any personal usage requirements such as his and her hanging and shelving ratios, and it allows consideration for extra customisation that may be needed for particular equipment. Standard wardrobes will not take in to account such needs and are simply based on an average. Who wants to be average? Bespoke designs will transform your bedroom storage into a harmonious and enjoyable affair – which will in turn enhance your family relationships. It’s a total win-win!

Future-proof your wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes can be switched out as and when you please, a handy feature if versatility is a requirement. For fitted units, the purchase is more permanent so it is essential to select a design that will still suit your taste further down the years. Choosing a classic look will ensure your units will not date or feel out of place in years to come. If this feels like too tough a challenge, non-fitted options are the easier choice although ultimately you may end up spending more money.

Invest in the future

The largest benefits of standard wardrobes are their portability. You can take them with you and it feels like money well spent. But before you make up your mind, consider this: Quality fitted wardrobes will improve the value of your property as they are very much viewed as in-built storage, a much-coveted asset. By fitting your wardrobes you are investing in your home both aesthetically and emotionally, and this value will ultimately be recouped at sale.