Once you have decided exactly where your new wardrobe will go, it’s time to call in the professionals to get the job started. But where to begin? For many people, once they have parted with their money and signed on the line, a common complaint is that customer service and after-care seem non-existent. At Fox Wardrobes, we are entirely different – and here’s 8 reasons why.

The number 8 has traditionally held significant properties in many cultures. In itself, the number 8 is balanced and ordered. It also represents new beginnings and regeneration. At Fox Wardrobes, we pride ourselves on delivering a balanced customer service with 100% satisfaction delivered from the outset. We believe our customers are partners for life and we treat them accordingly. That’s why we have a detailed 8-point service guarantee that shows you exactly what you can expect when you work with us – giving you all the confidence you need to choose Fox as your partner of choice.

  1. We are always on time

From scheduled measuring appointments to installation and completion, we understand that your time is precious and that there is nothing more frustrating than missed opportunities. From the very first appointment we will provide a realistic and detailed mutually agreed process that will deliver your product to you, exactly on schedule.

  1. Your cabinetry will be functional and beautiful

Once you have selected a product from the extensive Fox wardrobe range, we can promise that your finished cabinetry will be designed and installed to perfection exactly as you had envisioned. After your project has been assessed and quoted, you have the opportunity to engage in and influence the design making any adjustments necessary so that your finished product not only looks fantastic, but does the job you need as well.

  1. We’re tidy

If you’ve ever had work done at home before, you will know that there is often a clean-up job to be sorted out on departure. This is where Fox is different. We treat your home like it’s our very own Den. When we make a mess – because we will – we take proper care of it afterwards. Our Foxy promise to you is that we will leave your site 100% tidy. Guaranteed.

  1. Quality materials

Cheap shortcuts are sadly very common in the cabinet making industry, that’s why we make quality products a part of our service guarantee – so that you know exactly what you are getting. A durable aluminium front helps protect the shelving and prevents any future sagging meaning you can happily and confidently load those drawers right up. We want your product to last you for years to come so we make sure that all the materials we choose to work with are built exactly for that purpose.

  1. Health and Safety

At Fox Wardrobes, people are our priority so we always make sure we are operating in safe and secure working conditions. We rigorously adhere to all regulations to protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We also believe in investing in our staff and conduct regular training and procedural practices which ensures employee wellbeing as well as avoiding injury and illness.

  1. Skilled workers

The Fox team are skilled, professional and friendly workers that love the job they do! Unlike many other companies in the industry, the Fox team is made up from long-serving fulltime employees who are invested in the Fox product and have many years experience at their fingertips. We believe in team motivation and personal growth –which is why the Fox family are always smiling!

 Aussie made product

As a local business ourselves, we firmly believe in supporting the local economy to deliver the outstanding results our customers expect. Because we demand the very highest quality product we are able to source the majority from Australian suppliers and all our wardrobes are manufactured in Warriewood, Northern Beaches.

 Our guarantee

When you buy from Fox Wardrobes you can feel completely reassured that we will always be on hand to address any after-sale concerns. In fact we are so confident in the quality of our product that we guarantee wardrobes for a further 10 whole years! At Fox, we promise you top quality cabinetry at affordable prices – giving you the smart storage solutions you need to live your best life.

That’s the power of 8.