Life can be pretty hectic. Whether it’s jobs, schools, children or sport we spend a lot of time rushing around between one task and the next. Because of the way we live, it’s really important that our homes provide a place of calm, comfort and serenity. Home is the one place we can happily snuggle up feeling cosy and secure, where we know we can be just ourselves surrounded by those closest to us. Finding the time to make your nesting space feel magazine-worthy is another matter entirely – and it can often become another source of stress just thinking about how to find the time to buy and organise everything you need to help you de-stress. Even reading that is stressful! If you are that person, you need some hygge in your life. It just doesn’t get any simpler.

Hygge – what is it, and how do you even say it?

Hygge (pronounced ‘hugh-gah’) originally came about from when the Danes were trying to get through the long, cold, hard Danish winters. Enjoying a shared moment of simplicity was crucial to keeping spirits raised and there was an emphasis on appreciating that moment when it happened. The word encapsulates a feeling of cosiness or something pre-loved and gently worn in. It’s about capturing and remembering a moment in time – whether that is good company, a coffee ritual or even a frosty winter walk. You cannot pop to the shops and buy some hygge because it is not about commercial goods. At its very essence it is a feeling. It is now so ingrained into the Danish lifestyle and psyche that it is no wonder that Forbes has ranked Denmark the second happiest country to live in the world. If you want to bring a bit of cosy back to your bedroom and enjoy the simple things in life, here’s how.

  1. Candles

These are your new best friends. In fact, Danes would claim that candles are the most effective way to generate that hygge feeling as they avoid the harsh overhead lighting. The natural flames encourage light play and shadows that in turn create an evocative and memorable ambience. It’s time to dig down into those kitchen drawers and finally give a role to those candles you have been slowly stockpiling. Place them around the room and have an evening lighting ritual to create a sense of calm before bed. For children’s bedrooms you can achieve the same candlelit effect by using string lighting and low lamp options.

  1. Keep it natural

Hygge is all about energising the natural essence of our being. It channels our inner thoughts and feelings, drawing us towards nature and the outdoors. If your bedroom has a variety of natural sources within it, you’re already on the right track. Embrace all the natural elements such as wooden floors and wardrobes, shelving, plants, natural light sources and shells – anything that draws the outside in. This all helps us feel closer and more connected to nature which is a critical component of the hygge concept.

  1. Make a nook

Find your inner peace and calm by creating a snug little corner in your bedroom. This can be as simple as combining a beanbag and a comfy throw together, with a small side lamp for reading. Hygge is not about a busy environment or overly fussy spaces – it can be easily created out of what you already own. A cosy nook is especially useful in children’s bedrooms as it’s the perfect place to curl up together and share in a book, or just a simple moment. This is what beautiful memories are made of, and what generations will carry forward.

  1. Texture variety

Having a variety of textures in your bedroom is really important when creating your hygge-inspired space. Mixing up the feel of the room by using knitted materials, or natural fibres give a comforting and intimate feel which helps enhance feelings of inner peace and calm. Hygge is about creating your moment so allow yourself to use furnishings and pieces in your bedroom that are special to you rather than simply following current trends. Expressing your inner self within your own room is a freeing experience.

  1. Read all about it

Bringing books into your bedroom is the perfect ingredient to help add hygge to your space. Books represent a sharing of ideas, a connection of minds and hopefully many memories of loved tales. Reading is also all about taking a break from the norm, escaping reality, switching it down a level and taking time to recharge. So fill your room with your favourite works and enjoy the hygge-full of contentment that follows.