5 Quick and Easy Storage tips to Simplify Your Space

5 quick and easy storage tips to simplify your space

5 quick and easy storage tips to simplify your space

Do you ever wish that your storage solutions were just a little bit more user-friendly, with a little bit more space? If you are that person who utilises any available nook and cranny to hide away clutter and stuff random items, you’re certainly not alone. But if you’re also that person who feels anxious and stressed each time you try to wrestle open a stuffed drawer, desperately searching for a forgotten item or that missing sock – but you’re actually crying on the inside for an easier way – this is for you.

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Looking for New wardrobe Doors

Looking for new wardrobe doors? How to buy once – and buy right.

Are you tired of your wardrobe doors? Or maybe they have finally reached the end of the line and are headed for that big storage unit in the sky. It’s important not to underestimate the central role that wardrobes play in a room setting, most likely the largest piece of vertical furniture on view in the room they immediately set the style and tone agenda. Whatever your reasons, purchasing new wardrobe doors is a huge decision that’s not to be taken likely. Find out how to get the best wardrobe doors that will last the course – and achieve the style and quality your home deserves.

Do I actually need wardrobe doors?

Apart from simply looking great, wardrobe doors are there for very good functional reasons. They protect our clothing and belongings from the sun’s super-strong UV rays, as well as keeping our things dry, fresh and dust-free. In addition to all of this, wardrobe doors can hide a multitude of sins that lie on the shelves behind. What goes on behind closed doors? Well that’s on a need-to-know basis only. When buying your new doors, make sure you’re getting that magic trio: style, quality and finish. It’s definitely worth investing upfront in a high quality product that will last you for many years to come rather than having to replace and repair much sooner than you anticipated.

What do they need to do?

It’s no secret that wardrobe doors actually have an important job to do – and it’s critical that they do it well. A tight closing fit is imperative to making sure that no sneaky light gets let in (which could potentially damage the contents over time). As well as shutting effectively, the doors need to have plenty of negotiating space to allow them to open up just as effectively – primarily to give you the regular access space you will inevitably need. Your wardrobe doors also need to complement (or set) the overall style of the room in terms of design as well as have the appropriate practicality and functionality. Think about the interior design tone you would like to achieve, as wardrobe doors can make or break a room.

What are my options?

Depending on your available space, you can choose from a variety of wardrobe doors to suit. It’s an opportunity to have some fun and get creative as well as being practically minded. Firstly, the room measurements will have a fair say in the choice of installation. Sliding doors are great for use in those more compact areas, hinged doors will suit if the room space allows and mirrored doors are perfect for reflecting light and adding depth – as well as handily doubling up as a full length mirror. Secondly, you can release your inner stylist and choose a door finish that will complement or accent your room feel. Wardrobe doors are available in sleek contemporary styles, mirrored or decaled, and can even be coloured to suit.

What should I avoid?

Poor quality product is the main offender in this category, and what might look easy on the eye may well fall apart before the year is done. Wardrobes undergo a fair amount of usage, especially for families with young children. They have to sufficiently be able to withstand regular wear and tear and still fulfil against their role. Wardrobe doors can be made from a variety of materials, so make sure you ask the supplier which exact materials are being used before you commit to a purchase. Fox Wardrobes only sources from established and reliable providers that guarantee their product. Only then are we comfortable sharing this work with our customers. In addition to the Australian made MDF provided by Polytec, Fox Wardrobe doors are all fitted with straighteners that prevent any bowing further down the track. As we continually work with the same supply partners, we know exactly where our materials are coming from, as well as understanding exactly what quality we are working with.

 What does The Fox say?

We understand the emotional energy that goes into choosing wardrobe doors. We understand that you want the best value for money. And we fully understand the work we have to do to deliver against that because we share your passion. Fox Wardrobes is committed to supplying quality products at affordable prices. Where possible we always support local Australian businesses – and where not we source the very best from Europe. Our focus is absolutely on delivering top quality storage solutions at affordable prices. Not only do we offer an 8-point service guarantee, your wardrobe doors are guaranteed right from purchase for a further 10 years, no quibbles required. In order to be able to make that promise there are certain standards we require our products to meet, that’s why all our mirrored doors are backed with safety vinyl to ensure that industry safety requirements are fully met.

That’s the Fox Wardrobes way, and our promise to you is that you won’t leave disappointed.


How to hygge your bedroom in 5 easy steps

Life can be pretty hectic. Whether it’s jobs, schools, children or sport we spend a lot of time rushing around between one task and the next. Because of the way we live, it’s really important that our homes provide a place of calm, comfort and serenity. Home is the one place we can happily snuggle up feeling cosy and secure, where we know we can be just ourselves surrounded by those closest to us. Finding the time to make your nesting space feel magazine-worthy is another matter entirely – and it can often become another source of stress just thinking about how to find the time to buy and organise everything you need to help you de-stress. Even reading that is stressful! If you are that person, you need some hygge in your life. It just doesn’t get any simpler.

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Cleanse Your Wardrobe the Marie Kondo Way

Cleanse your wardrobe space the Marie Kondo way

If you haven’t been sparking serious amounts of joy in your home recently, there’s some urgent Netflix homework that needs doing. Ever since Japanese minimalist Marie Kondo swooped in to our lives Mary Poppins-style, the latest storage obsession has been to cleanse, rejuvenate and restore using a series of helpful measures designed to – you guessed it – spark joy. Here’s how.Read more

Mood boards: everything you need to know

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Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry Custom Wardrobes

5 Best Wardrobe Finishes

Consider these when purchasing your sliding door wardrobe

When someone is considering the purchase of sliding doors for wardrobes to update their existing wardrobe or they are buying a new wardrobe there are many options out there to choose from. And although each option has its pros and cons this article will discuss our favourite 5 and their benefits.

5 best door finishes and their benefits

sliding door wardrobe

1) Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Mirror sliding doors for wardrobes open up a room expanding it and making it feel more spacious. They also rebound light around the room which can bring a little bit of joy to a dull room!! Its affordable and functional a place to get changed in front of and check yourself out when your feeling Foxy! It’s only $200 (inc GST) per door.

sliding door wardrobe

2) White glass wardrobe doors

Our favourite white glass for wardrobes is the OPTI super clear white glass by Viridian Glass (Visit Viridian for more information) they love glass and we love their glass! This glass soaks in the beautiful light streaming through a window and disperses it gently around a room. Rather than being super reflective like the mirror wardrobe door this glass finish is perfect for a beachie home which is north facing and gets a lot of light. Its smooth and elegant and doesn’t cost a whole lot at $270 (inc GST) per door.

sliding door wardrobe

3) Laminated/Melamine Board wardrobe doors

We love Polytec’s range of laminated/melamine board from Polytec for Wardrobe doors. They have great colours which suit a range of styles they are affordable and they look Sexy as! The flat panel look is sleek and sophisticated and the woodgrain finishes make your wardrobes a statement (Visit Polytec for more information).

The different terminology can be confusing e.g. laminate and melamine. Melamine is a type of laminate. There are a few variations of laminate however, the one used most commonly in cabinetry is low-pressure laminate which is what is commonly referred to as melamine.

Hinged Wardrobes Sydney

4) Thermolaminate Door Wardrobes

Thermolaminate Doors are really Foxy on Wardrobes. They can be flat panel or shaker style so they can have as much character or as little character as you want them to have! They can have a mirror or white glass inset into the middle or they can have a real sexy hamptons style. Thermolaminate got a bad wrap in the past for peeling back (mainly because it was used in kitchens and gets wet and peels) however technology has improved significantly over the last 10 years and the Thermolaminate doors especially for wardrobes are a real hit! They look sexy and don’t break the bank!! About $800 (inc GST) per door installed.

Hinged Wardrobes Sydney Fox Wardrobes

5) Polyurethane Painted Doors for Wardrobes

These are the ultimate Foxy wardrobe doors. The polyurethane painting process is undercoat then two coats of 2pac polyurethane. With these wardrobe doors you can choose any colour in the Dulux range and beyond. You can choose from a massive range of routering profiles (shaker styles) that suit your home and decor. These are the most expensive of the five best sliding door styles but they look BLOODY SEXY!!! They are about $1,100 (inc GST) per door and are worth every penny!

I’ve found that these five styles of wardrobe sliding doors are the best for beachie locations like on the Northern Beaches of Sydney! So there are my favourite 5 door finishes I could have mentioned many, many more.

Please note pricing estimates provided here may change over time as raw materials and labour costs change.


Chris Volpe aka Red Fox!

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