Beginning a new wardrobe/renovation project can be so exciting, but it can also feel rather daunting and occasionally completely overwhelming. No matter whether it’s a simple room refresh or an all-out house renovation, sometimes you simply just don’t know where to begin.

Mood boards: everything you need to know

Meet the mood board: your creative inspiration and new best friend.

What is it?

A mood board, very simply, is an unlimited personal collage of images, text, samples, and patterns that you have gathered together as an expression of your creative thought. Commonly used in the design and marketing industry, the aim is to capture a mood and a feeling that will help shape the overall end result. Mood boards are equally useful for planning out future holiday ideas or even special events.

What goes on it?

Well that is entirely up to you. It’s time to fire up those creative juices and start collecting! Gather together anything at all that inspires you – whether it’s a colour palette, material swatches, photos or even particular words. This is a visual representation of your personal thought processes, and when completed can be useful to share with invested parties such as design partners or family members.

Where do I begin?

Firstly you should decide whether the board will be digital (easily shared) – or physical (something tangible to have and to hold). If you prefer the physical version, you can use a foam core board or even a pin board, essentially anything suitable that you can easily attach items to. If you’re keen to keep it digital, there are plenty of free online mood board makers on offer. The virtual option makes it very easy to share your vision with others. Once you have decided on the materials, you can begin hunting and collecting for creative inspiration. Help yourself along by asking key questions: how would you describe your vision in words? What style are you after? Is it more contemporary or traditional?

Why bother?

Mood boards are a great way to organise your thoughts as well as allowing you to experiment with different looks and feels. It also allows you to make mistakes and have changes of heart before it really matters. Mood boards are perfect for lending overall direction and keeping the project firmly on track. It’s something the whole family can involve themselves and participate in – as well as making external collaboration that much easier to achieve. Above all, it brings along creativity and fun, which always makes for a much better day!