Spring is in the air, the beaches are filling fast, it’s time to switch out heaters for fans and dig out those thongs. Or is it? Forget Melbourne, Sydney weather is right up there when it comes to unpredictability. Just when you think you’re home and dry, everything changes and you’re back hunting out those hoodies and boots.

5 ways to access everything you need, right when you need it!

The smart trick is to be a little bit clever when you plan out your storage, making sure you have a quick and easy way to get to everything you need, just when you need it.

1. Flexibility

We live in the era of the season-less wardrobe, where many of our fashion fixes have year-round outings. But not everyone has the space for a walk-in robe so getting the best capacity out of your available storage is essential. Don’t stuff all those knits away quite yet, but rather make sure your wardrobe has the flexibility to accommodate clothes for all seasons. Adjustable shelving is great for rotating low/high boots, and overhead shelving is the perfect spot for storing summer swimmers or winter beanies.

2. Labels are your friends

There will certainly be some items you want to simply store away which is absolutely fine – just make sure you remember where you put them! This is where stackable transparent containers and sticky labels come in to their own. Have a good sort before you pack away, sift out any unwanted items and clearly label what is in that box. You won’t regret it!

3. Avoid the pests

For the items that will definitely not see the light of day until summer is truly burnt out, ensure they are thoroughly dry and clean when you first pack them away. Moth larvae are attracted to damp and food-stained areas, where they will happily chow down on a tasty meal – giving you a rather nasty surprise when you return.

4. Summer breeze

Ventilation is key to keeping stored clothes fresh and dry. A well-planned wardrobe is the perfect storage environment as it is not only clean and dry, but also well ventilated with the doors opening and closing regularly over the day.

5. Seasonal sports

It’s not just the clothes that need accommodating, there’s your surfboards, skis, bikes, scooters, and swim toys just to name a few. Fitting a ceiling rack in the garage is a great way to keep the floor space clear and tidy, as well as a neat way of keeping each item fully accessible across the year.