5 quick and easy storage tips to simplify your space

Do you ever wish that your storage solutions were just a little bit more user-friendly, with a little bit more space? If you are that person who utilises any available nook and cranny to hide away clutter and stuff random items, you’re certainly not alone. But if you’re also that person who feels anxious and stressed each time you try to wrestle open a stuffed drawer, desperately searching for a forgotten item or that missing sock – but you’re actually crying on the inside for an easier way – this is for you.

The trouble many of us face is that we simply have too much stuff. But with growing families and changing needs there is always a case to hang on to something, just in case… If you’re at that point, but you desperately crave some order to the chaos, here’s 5 easy ways to immediately relieve the stress in your household. These tips will add pure simplicity to your storage needs and – critically – hand you back some valuable time so you get to enjoy the really important things in life.

  1. Divide and rule

If you want to control a crowd of unruly clothing items, you have to get right to the heart of it and split them out into factions. Socks cavorting with undies, and scarfs wrapping around PJs is leading to material mayhem; the only way to get through this is to divide and conquer. Hooray for drawer dividers, your newest best friend. Inexpensive and perfectly sized, these little gems allow you to section off your items as you choose, making it oh-so-easy to jump from lingerie to legwarmers, or T-shirts to ties. You can also use more hardwearing chrome dividers to do the same with larger items such as jumpers and hoodies. No more mingling without consent.

  1. Control the footwear

Gone are the days where we only had one pair of shoes per season. There’s the beach to consider, BBQ attire, wet weather and even the school run might require an easy slip-on-and-dash pair. But when it comes to storing these awkward items, often they are left to the floor areas – and too often, literally where they were just taken off, wherever that may be. The perfect place to tuck shoes away is that little used area on the back of the door. Invest in an over-door hanging shoe rack for each bedroom with canvas or plastic pockets.  You can even hang these on the inside of wardrobe doors if the space allows. This is a perfectly simple storage solution for keeping each pair together, tucked away and exactly where you left them.

  1. Contain the mess

Containers are great for storing unruly items such as belts and scarves. They can be easily stacked and stored away, either in the wardrobe or under the bed. The clear containers also have the benefit of allowing you to see at a glance exactly what category lies inside. But if you’re feeling creative and hate the idea of more plastic, why not make your own by cutting cardboard boxes down to size and jazzing them up with your own choice of paper. Stick on an easy-read label and you’re done. With this level of simple organisation, everything has a place and a home to return to. Items may spend many hours lounging around on your floor, but when the whistle blows at clean-up time, there is no room for confusion as to the home address.

  1. Customise your space

Don’t feel like you have to stick with the storage you are given, you can adjust it to make it work for your needs. Think about ripping out wardrobe interiors for a complete revamp. Remove the existing structure and replace with a combination of drawers, shoe racks, rods and baskets –whatever best suits your needs. Less is definitely more. Discard or donate anything you don’t need or no longer wear, Marie Kondo-stylie, and force yourself to adhere to one rule: if you’re not using it, you don’t need it. Simple!

  1. Get creative!

Get clever with your storage choices. Sure, you need a night table, but why not use the surfaces beneath as a bookshelf? Or maybe add in some baskets for smaller items? That ottoman at the end of the bed could be a haven for dirty laundry or seasonal shoes. Under bed drawers or storage boxes are super handy for bed linen, spare doonas, sports equipment or even filed paperwork. It doesn’t matter which category you choose, as long as you know what is in there. That way you will reduce stress, save time and minimise your wasted efforts every single day.

Simple storage bliss

Once you have been through this process, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can save every day, simply by just knowing where your belongings are. Get the kids involved in the fun and those clean-up sessions will be over in a blink. Simplifying your storage will also help you to think more around new purchases – and consider whether actually it is that desperate need you once thought, or whether you can live very happily without it.