It’s no secret that the average Sydney house size is getting smaller and smaller, and with property prices still up there at healthy levels many families are looking to apartment living or downsizing simply to enjoy the beautiful area. So if you are finding your bedroom a little on the compact and bijou side, you’re definitely not alone – and it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your storage space either. At a time when styles are ever changing and product is more widely available, there is little wonder we’re all struggling to house our belongings in an orderly fashion. Despite a thorough Marie Kondo and all sorts of sparked joy, somehow there still never seems to be enough room – or the right sort of space – for what we need to accommodate. The answer? It’s all in the smart storage.

Under bed storage

A classic area for under-used space, there is a whole eco-system happening under that bed that you should definitely be tapping into. Gone are the days when nobody had a clue what was stuffed under there, let alone to try and work it out. The clever trick is to make the space accessible and user-friendly so that you really gain from the value. Ideally a space for lesser-used items, this is an ideal storage area for keeping linen, seasonal clothes changes or even travel bags and sporting equipment. Use rolling drawers that can easily be pulled in and out, or vacuum-pack bags to prevent discolouration or mould. If your bed sits flush to the floor you won’t miss out, bed risers are your new best friends.

Clear box storage

Remember that self-satisfied feeling when you’ve packed everything away neatly into boxes, and you cleverly store them away right up high to create more space in your bedroom…? Only to look up at them 2 months later and wonder what on earth is in each one? The solution has arrived: clear box storage for shoes, seasonal items and accessories. Never be left in any doubt again – because it’s all sorted in front of your very eyes. Invest in the cubed plastic because not only will your belongings stay neatly organised all year around, you will always know exactly where everything is which leaves you the time to spend doing what you really love. Stock up, and stack up.

Pin it

Who ever knew the humble corkboard would ever play such a diverse role in our lives? Fed up with scarves and accessories scattered over the floor? Tired of searching for lost earrings you are sure you put somewhere safe, but now cannot seem to find? Relax, the answer to these problems is probably already somewhere in your room under a pile of clothes. It’s time to dig out that corkboard, invest in some funky pins and get organising. Perfect for those itty-bitty items like jewellery and hair-pieces as well as larger lighter accessories such as scarves and belts, the corkboard is the fun way to display your collections. Say ‘hello’ to user-friendly, view-at-a-glance storage – and give a big welcome back to your bedroom floor!

Double up hanging rails

You have the perfect quality wardrobe, but could it be working just a teensy bit harder? It’s time to double down and add in another rail to supersize your hanging space. If you don’t fully utilise the full-length of your existing hanging space, a second rail can transform the capacity. Use the lower rail to hold your more everyday items while the top rail can house the lesser-used clothing that also need hanging. With everything you need right on hand when required and the space working double time, it’s a total win-win.

Hanging around

Quite simply, hooks are your friends. Whether they are over the door, inside the door or just plain up on a wall they are great for clearing floor space by housing all those extras like scarfs, belts, hats and bags that never quite make it back to the right spot. If you thought hangers were just for your clothing, it’s time to think again. These versatile customers are perfect for multiple tasks simply by using a few little tricks and twists that take no time at all. Try screwing in some smaller hooks to a wooden hanger and you have a ready-made jewellery showcase or some ideal belt storage. Shower curtain rings can be easily attached and then used for hat hanging, singlet slotting, tie arranging or scarf displaying. Think outside the box and deconstruct a wire hanger to use for storing all the kids’ scrunchies and hair accessories. The innocent hanger is transformed into the perfectly unique storage hack.