What were the Foxiest and most installed products of 2023?

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Fox Wardrobes & Cabinetry. This year has been marked by innovation, craftsmanship, and the joy of bringing our customers’ visions to life. Among the many outstanding offerings, three products have truly stood out as favorites. Let’s take a closer look at our top sellers of the year: Custom Walk-In Robes, Understairs Cabinetry and Custom Entertainment Units.

1. Custom Walk-In Robes: Where Luxury Meets Functionality

Our Custom Walk-In Robes have been a game-changer for those seeking the perfect blend of style and functionality in their personal spaces. Tailored to individual needs, these robes are a testament to our commitment to delivering personalised solutions. From premium materials to clever storage solutions, each walk-in robe is a unique expression of our clients’ tastes and preferences. Whether it’s maximizing storage capacity or creating a luxurious dressing experience, our custom walk-in robes have been a resounding success this year. Polytec’s wood matt boards have been a clear favourite, and with their range covering so many styles and tastes its easy to see why, you can see the amazing range on the website here:¬†Polytec’s colourboard range


2. Understairs Cabinetry: Maximizing Space with Clever storage

Transforming underutilised spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas is an art, and our Understairs Cabinetry has mastered it. This year, homeowners have embraced the concept of making every inch count, and our understairs solutions have been the answer. From sleek storage units to integrated workspaces including study nooks and bookcases, these custom cabinetry designs have not only maximized space but also added a touch of elegance to often-overlooked areas. It’s about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.¬†Bespoke designs will transform your home, take a look at some of our previous projects.

3. Custom Entertainment Units: Elevating Home Entertainment

With the rise of home entertainment, our Custom Entertainment Units have become a focal point in many households. Crafted with precision and custom designed to suit your space and accommodate modern technology, these units provide a seamless blend of style and functionality. From housing large-screen TVs to concealing cables and accessories, our entertainment units are as visually stunning as they are practical. This year, families have turned to us to create the perfect setting for their movie nights, gaming sessions, and quality time together.


As we close the chapter on another remarkable year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients who have entrusted us with transforming their spaces. The success of our Custom Walk-In Robes, Understairs Cabinetry, and Custom Entertainment Units is a testament to the dedication of our clever team and the trust of our customers.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the possibilities that the coming year holds. Stay tuned for more innovative designs, personalized solutions, and, most importantly, spaces that tell your unique story. At Fox Wardrobes & Cabinetry, we’re not just crafting furniture; we’re crafting experiences that last a lifetime. Here’s to a year of inspiration, creativity, and endless possibilities! Cheers to 2024!