When investing in a built-in or walk in wardrobe, there are several extras that you may want to consider, depending on your needs and preferences. After all, at Fox Wardrobes we believe that well organised storage is the key to eternal happiness! A few added extras and useful accessories can be life changing! Imagine opening your organised drawers and being able to find exactly what you need, every time! I know! It can happen!

Read on for our wardrobe accessory must haves that will make the most of your wardrobe space and have you loving your storage.

Wardrobe accessory must haves!

1.The pull-out

If you haven’t got something that pulls out tucked inside your wardrobe, you’re definitely missing a storage trick. From wire baskets to tie racks, or laundry bags to mirrors there’s not much that does not come in a pull-out version. Why bother? Sometimes wardrobes can be situated in difficult areas where it is hard to see exactly what is going on inside, or maybe your clothes are simply jostling for space and the ability to pull an item clear of the mayhem can be a revelation. For small rooms pull-outs can work really well in helping to neatly house your belongings. One of our favourite ones are pull out baskets. Adding pull-out baskets to your built-in wardrobe can provide a convenient place to store items such as laundry, linens, and seasonal clothing.

2. Lighting

While this will attract additional cost, for those of us that are able to put part of their budget towards LED lighting in their wardrobes, there’s no going back. Often bedrooms have much lower level or softer lighting, so when opening the doors and trying to see into your wardrobes it can really difficult! The more stuff packed in their the harder it gets, I have seen people use torches… Often LED strips can be added above or below your hanging clothes and can be activated with a motion sensor (fancy!). It also feels a little luxurious and being able to find exactly what you need because you can see your things – winning!

3. Mirrors

While this may seem obvious to some, there are many door styles and finishes that don’t include a mirror. Ever tried to see what you look like all dressed up and had to use the bathroom mirror? Painful isn’t it! Incorporating mirrors into your built-in wardrobe can serve multiple purposes. Mirrors can not only help you get dressed, but make your space look larger, and add an element of style to the design. At Fox Wardrobes we do a lot or mirror insert sliding and hinged doors. With a hinged door you can always select to have the mirror attached to the rear of the door instead, which will keep it hidden when the doors are closed.

4. Shoe organisers

Shoes are primary culprits when it comes to making your space look messy and unorganised. Fear not, there is a way to house these growing numbers that won’t make your bedroom look like a department store in the mid-year sales. For the traditionalists there are plenty of internal storage systems available that use shelving, baskets or racks. Often you can find great deals online for extra inserts that will easily sit in the wardrobe. Or if you want to be a little fancy, it is possible to do adjustable shelves from the floor up, they are in a more slender tower that is 300mm wide, but you can make this bigger if you like. You often see these in a custom designed walk in robe and look spectacular when done is Polytec’s colour board range.

5. Get hooked

Convenience is king when it comes to bedroom storage, particularly for those short on space around the house. Utilise those empty doorframes for perfect hat and coat homes, with stylish and fun hook accessories. Try over-door hooks for easy install, or use multiple hook rails for organising those essentials like belts, ties or scarves. Even more perfect for a range of handbags – so you can simply grab and go.

6. Racks

Certain items can simply be viewed better along a rack. When it comes to choosing your pants, rather than reaching for the top of the pile or the pair that just fell out – how wonderful it would be to see at a glance every pair that you own. Racks are perfect for ensuring your clothing is ready to wear and not crushed amongst the chaos inside. Try the same installation for your belts and scarves and enjoy dressing convenience at its very finest.

7. The secret space

If you need somewhere to store precious items or documents, the wardrobe can provide a great solution. For the larger wardrobe units there is often space down low to secure a safe box, an area that would otherwise be wasted. Think clever about how drawer inserts might work using concealed areas that could house jewellery or other precious items. Or even a secret door that looks like a fixed panel!

8. Drawer inserts and dividers

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your undies get mixed up with your socks, or you lose a crucial earring amongst countless scarves and ties. Fortunately, there is a solution and it comes in the form of drawer inserts and dividers. Organisation is key and drawer separators are an absolute must.  There are actually different kinds of dividers, its important to understand what is available

  1. Customized dividers: Customized dividers can be made to fit the exact size and shape of your drawers, maximizing the use of space and ensuring a perfect fit.
  2. Adjustable dividers: Adjustable dividers can be moved around within the drawer to accommodate different sizes of clothing or accessories.
  3. Jewelry inserts: Jewelry inserts can help organize your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, preventing them from getting tangled or lost. We love the adjustable inserts from Nikpol
  4. Sock and underwear inserts: Sock and underwear inserts are designed with specific compartments to keep these items separated and easy to find.
  5. Belt and tie inserts: Belt and tie inserts have hooks or hangers to keep these accessories organized and wrinkle-free.

Overall, when investing in a built-in or walk in wardrobe, it’s important to consider your storage needs, style preferences, and budget to determine which extras are worth the investment. Picking the right accessories and extra’s for you will see you divide and conquer, you’ll be dressed in a flash, looking perfect and all with time to kill!