After the bed the wardrobe is the next most important item to consider in the bedroom space. Unfortunately it can be an utterly confusing task trying to work out exactly what it is you need. Back on the plus side, there are a prolific amount of wardrobe options available – from wall to ceiling built-in robes, to trendy open storage hanging rails. But for many of us time-poor wardrobe-hunters it can be a daunting task that just keeps ending up back in the ‘too-hard’ basket. Well that basket is about to be completely emptied. Want to discover the right wardrobe for your bedroom? These 5 top tips will explain just how to get the wardrobe you want.

1. Identify your wardrobe needs

Have you sat down and really thought about the job you are asking your wardrobe to do within the space you have? Get the measuring tape out and have a thorough investigation of the area. You may find that this dictates the size of the unit, the doors that you choose as well as the style and internal formatting. Think about who will be using the space and how it will work best in that situation. Try and envisage this as an opportunity to upscale your storage and a way of closing the door on any unsightly clutter or challenging space.

2. Plan your storage

Write down a list of everything that requires a home – from clothes that require hanging to items that need folding. Ascertain the amount of drawers you may like for items such as bulky jumpers, versus hanging space for your more formal items. Will you have room to accommodate extras such as jewellery, belts or even make-up? With bespoke units you can also make sure to keep space for those items that always make the room seem messy such as half-clean clothes that aren’t quite ready for the wash, or different shoe options hanging around the floor space. Wardrobes provide the perfect opportunity to shut it all away and get your magazine-worthy bedroom returned to you in a heartbeat. No matter what goes on behind closed doors!

3. Fitted or freestanding wardrobes?

Well this is simply a whole other conversation… and the great debate rages. Very simply, if you are invested in your property or have unusual spaces to work with, fitted wardrobes are the ideal solution. They are more permanent however, so if you find that you prefer to switch up the look and feel more frequently, freestanding units would be the safer purchase. For resale considerations, properties that have quality fitted storage solutions form an attractive proposition to potential buyers. Freestanding units have versatility on their side but you are limited with form and dimensions.

4. It’s all about the doors

The wardrobe doors undoubtedly set the overall tone of the bedroom, so it’s important to get this one right from the start. If you are limited for space, sliding doors provide the ideal solution with minimal impact on the area. They give a sleek finished look with a range of finishes available. You can also double up on usage by incorporating a mirror. Think clever with your storage solutions by also utilising under the bed space, window seating as well as converting little nooks into seating areas or functional spaces. If you prefer hinged doors, make sure you have enough space for the doors to fully open and close without injury or furniture readjustment. Wardrobe doors are regularly hanging open so it’s important they be able to do this without hinderance.

5. What’s your wardrobe style?

Your wardrobe choice should reflect the overall style of the bedroom whether that be modern contemporary, classic, shabby chic or somewhere in between. Decide which materials and colours will work best in accenting the existing look – unless you are considering a whole room overhaul. Mirrored wardrobes are a great option for creating a feeling of space as well as delivering a contemporary look. Wooden doors can be painted to suit the theme, or even use a painted decal to really create a feature space. Handles are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and individuality to the design with minimal effort involved and the added benefit of opportunity to change. Use the wardrobes to really make the space your own.