Hear the word bulkhead being bandied around and wonder what on earth it is and what it does? You’re not alone! We see many questions online that question what a bulkhead is and how it effects the final result of your wardrobes.

Secrets of Bulkheads in Your Home Renovation

In the vibrant world of home renovation, queries about bulkheads in bedrooms and linen closets are frequently asked. Recently, a homeowner shared her dissatisfaction with the bulkheads in her bedroom, prompting us to delve into this topic. In this article, we will discuss the purpose of bulkheads, explore their functionality, and provide tips on maximizing space while ensuring stylish and practical storage solutions.


Understanding Bulkheads: What Are They and What’s Their Purpose?

A bulkhead refers to a section of the ceiling in an interior space that’s been dropped, boxed-in, or enclosed. Typically seen in residential properties during new builds and renovations, bulkheads traditionally serve functional purposes. They hide wires and pipes, accommodate air conditioning units, and mask variations in ceiling heights. Moreover, they can be used to cap off cabinetry, sparing you the hassle of cleaning the often-neglected tops of cabinets.


The Pitfalls of Poorly Executed Bulkheads: What goes wrong?

Why do some homeowners end up dissatisfied? Often, in new home construction, builders work within tight budgets. To stay within budget, they may opt for a standard 2-meter high door with a shelf and hanging rod in the wardrobe spaces. While this is cost-effective, it results in oversized bulkheads—up to 40cm or more—especially in rooms with ceilings exceeding 2.4m. This compromises the functionality of the wardrobe’s top, a prime spot for storing large items like empty suitcases.

However, there’s hope for homeowners seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and functionality. Collaborating with builders who offer customization options, like GJ Gardner Sydney North, can lead to a reduction in bulkhead size to maximize door and internal wardrobe size. There are also some other builders Fox Wardrobes works with that will also provide the flexibility to create cabinetry bulkheads, minimizing wasted space and maximizing storage potential.


Embracing Style and Functionality: What to Do With Your Bulkhead

Once your cabinetry is installed, you can choose what the bulkhead’s should look like. You can maintain a sleek square-set look or elevate it with a cornice, seamlessly integrating it into the wall for a stylish finish. As highlighted by our founder Victor, if a cornice is present, a bulkhead is necessary. Without the bulkhead, the wardrobe doors and cabinets would collide with the cornice. To maintain a harmonious look, we would recommend a 50mm clearance below the cornice profile.

Victor also emphasized how the decision to include a bulkhead significantly influences the overall design and budget for the client. For instance, with higher ceilings like 3 meters, you could opt for a 2500mm finished wardrobe with the rest dedicated to the bulkhead. This not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space but also proves to be a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for additional cabinets above.


Navigating Bulkheads with Confidence: The Key to Successful Renovations

While bulkheads are a crucial part of any renovation project, being well-informed allows you to minimize the impact on your storage functionality. By choosing options that align with your needs, you can ensure your storage spaces not only look great but also provide room for those hard-to-store items. Understanding and optimizing bulkheads can be the key to unlocking your stylish and functional living space. Choose wisely, and your home will thank you for years to come.


We look forward to working with you, bringing your cabinetry project to life, and creating space for what you value. A space that’s not just functional but also a reflection of your style and needs. If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out on 9971 8802. Your journey to beautifully designed cabinetry starts here! Check out our facebook or instagram pages for more inspiration and past projects completed by Fox Wardrobes.