Wardrobes to fit or not?

Wardrobes: to fit, or not to fit?

Jostling for conversational space alongside Trump, Brexit and the latest Sea Eagles score-line, the great wardrobe debate continues to rage at any half-decent dinner party. Wardrobes: To fit, or not to fit?
If you’re thinking of planning a new home for your clothes and shoes any time soon and can’t decide the best way to give them the quality wardrobe surrounds they truly deserve, stay put. This is the article you have been waiting for.

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Shop local (and save the world)

We Aussies are known around the world for our fair-go attitudes, our relaxed way of life, and for the unwavering support we give to our local communities. We are all about quality over quantity, and commercial authenticity hugely impacts our shopping habits. There’s a pretty good reason why you don’t see many Starbucks surviving on the Aussie High Street. But this doesn’t all happen by accident. Here’s why it’s so important to think globally, but act locally to keep that Aussie individuality alive and kicking.

Money makes money

Simply ‘buying local’ has more knock-on effects than you might first think. The money we spend locally generally goes back into other small businesses creating a circular effect which fuels the local economy. This allows the immediate community to thrive and benefit – as well as generating more neighbourhood jobs. The competition and diversity injected from lots of small businesses stimulates innovation and helps keeps prices down.

Go green

Who doesn’t want to help save the world? It’s a no-brainer that if we buy products more locally it helps to reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. Being able to walk to local stores without getting in the car positively impacts the local air quality as well as traffic volumes, and by buying food locally we also help reduce the food miles involved transporting goods long distance.

Keeping it real

Big companies are all too often just faceless brands with big marketing budgets, answerable only to shareholders and board members. Local businesses are run by very real people with real families and real needs. These are the neighbours that you might meet on the street, these are the people who have actual visibility on your local area and the daily challenges you face as a community – and these are the people who are invested in your local area and community welfare.

Personal touch

The huge advantage of shopping locally is actually that personalised customer service we experience, something that only comes as a direct result of local market knowledge and understanding. Rather than stocking an inventory based simply on wider trends, locally you will find product that is geared to real community needs rather than off the shelf quick fixes. Local business owners have the knowhow and experience to deliver us bespoke solutions, as well as the personality and character to make our shopping experience one to remember and recommend.

Shaping the community

Rather than every High Street looking exactly the same, a sprinkling of local businesses helps to define and differentiate an area – which in turn helps shape the surrounding community. These individual businesses can contribute to improved tourism and financial wellbeing, as well as popularity and growth.

Solutions based

When it all goes a bit wrong, which sometimes it does, it makes so much more of a difference to have a friendly face to talk to rather than tackle an automated phone service – probably nowhere near where you actually purchased your product. This is how the true calibre of an organisation can be measured. It’s about prioritising real people over purse-strings, not just the end of year sales results.

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Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry Custom Wardrobes

5 Best Wardrobe Finishes

Consider these when purchasing your sliding door wardrobe

When someone is considering the purchase of sliding doors for wardrobes to update their existing wardrobe or they are buying a new wardrobe there are many options out there to choose from. And although each option has its pros and cons this article will discuss our favourite 5 and their benefits.

5 best door finishes and their benefits

sliding door wardrobe

1) Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Mirror sliding doors for wardrobes open up a room expanding it and making it feel more spacious. They also rebound light around the room which can bring a little bit of joy to a dull room!! Its affordable and functional a place to get changed in front of and check yourself out when your feeling Foxy! It’s only $200 (inc GST) per door.

sliding door wardrobe

2) White glass wardrobe doors

Our favourite white glass for wardrobes is the OPTI super clear white glass by Viridian Glass (Visit Viridian for more information) they love glass and we love their glass! This glass soaks in the beautiful light streaming through a window and disperses it gently around a room. Rather than being super reflective like the mirror wardrobe door this glass finish is perfect for a beachie home which is north facing and gets a lot of light. Its smooth and elegant and doesn’t cost a whole lot at $270 (inc GST) per door.

sliding door wardrobe

3) Laminated/Melamine Board wardrobe doors

We love Polytec’s range of laminated/melamine board from Polytec for Wardrobe doors. They have great colours which suit a range of styles they are affordable and they look Sexy as! The flat panel look is sleek and sophisticated and the woodgrain finishes make your wardrobes a statement (Visit Polytec for more information).

The different terminology can be confusing e.g. laminate and melamine. Melamine is a type of laminate. There are a few variations of laminate however, the one used most commonly in cabinetry is low-pressure laminate which is what is commonly referred to as melamine.

Hinged Wardrobes Sydney

4) Thermolaminate Door Wardrobes

Thermolaminate Doors are really Foxy on Wardrobes. They can be flat panel or shaker style so they can have as much character or as little character as you want them to have! They can have a mirror or white glass inset into the middle or they can have a real sexy hamptons style. Thermolaminate got a bad wrap in the past for peeling back (mainly because it was used in kitchens and gets wet and peels) however technology has improved significantly over the last 10 years and the Thermolaminate doors especially for wardrobes are a real hit! They look sexy and don’t break the bank!! About $800 (inc GST) per door installed.

Hinged Wardrobes Sydney Fox Wardrobes

5) Polyurethane Painted Doors for Wardrobes

These are the ultimate Foxy wardrobe doors. The polyurethane painting process is undercoat then two coats of 2pac polyurethane. With these wardrobe doors you can choose any colour in the Dulux range and beyond. You can choose from a massive range of routering profiles (shaker styles) that suit your home and decor. These are the most expensive of the five best sliding door styles but they look BLOODY SEXY!!! They are about $1,100 (inc GST) per door and are worth every penny!

I’ve found that these five styles of wardrobe sliding doors are the best for beachie locations like on the Northern Beaches of Sydney! So there are my favourite 5 door finishes I could have mentioned many, many more.

Please note pricing estimates provided here may change over time as raw materials and labour costs change.


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